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ACCESS FLOOR SYSTEM is an assembly consisting of panels mounted on pedestals to provide an under-floor space for the installations of mechanical, electrical, communication or similar systems or to serve as an air-supply or return-air plenum.

ACI is the American Concrete Institute, Box 19150, Redford Station, Detroit, Michigan 48219.

ADDITION is an extension or increase in floor area or height of a building or structure.

AEROSOL is a product which is dispensed by a propellant from a metal can up to a maximum size of 33.8 fluid ounces (1000 mL) or a glass or plastic bottle up to a size of 4 fluid ounces (118.2 mL), other than a rim-vented container.

AGRICULTURAL BUILDING is a structure designed and constructed to house farm implements, hay, grain, poultry, livestock or other horticultural products. This structure shall not be a place of human habitation or a place of employment where agricultural products are processed, treated or packaged; nor shall it be a place used by the public.

AISC is the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc., One East Wacker Drive, Suite 3100, Chicago, Illinois 60601-2001.

ALLEY is any public way or thoroughfare less than 16 feet (4877 mm) but not less than 10 feet (3048 mm) in width which has been dedicated or deeded to the public for public use.

ALTER or ALTERATION is any change, addition or modification in construction or occupancy.

AMUSEMENT BUILDING. See Section 408.2.

ANSI is the American National Standards Institute, 1430 Broadway, New York, New York 10018.

APARTMENT HOUSE is any building or portion thereof which contains three or more dwelling units and, for the purpose of this code, includes residential condominiums.

APPROVED, as to materials and types of construction, refers to approval by the building official as the result of investigation and tests conducted by the building official, or by reason of accepted principles or tests by recognized authorities, technical or scientific organizations.

APPROVED AGENCY is an established and recognized agency regularly engaged in conducting tests or furnishing inspection services, when such agency has been approved.

APPROVED FABRICATOR is an established and qualified person, firm or corporation approved by the building official pursuant to Section 1701.7 of this code.

AREA. See "floor area."

ASSEMBLY BUILDING is a building or portion of a building used for the gathering together of 50 or more persons for such purposes as deliberation, education, instruction, worship, entertainment, amusement, drinking or dining or awaiting transportation.

ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials, 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103.

ATRIUM is an opening through two or more floor levels other than enclosed stairways, elevators, hoistways, escalators, plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning or other equipment, which is closed at the top and not defined as a mall. Floor levels, as used in this definition, do not include balconies within assembly occupancies or mezzanines which comply with Section 506, Exception 3.

AUTOMATIC, as applied to fire-protection devices, is a device or system providing an emergency function without the necessity of human intervention and activated as a result of a predetermined temperature rise, rate of rise of temperature or increase in the level of combustion products.

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