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FABRICATION AREA (fab area) is an area within a Group H, Division 6 Occupancy in which there are processes involving hazardous production materials and may include ancillary rooms or areas such as dressing rooms and offices that are directly related to the fab area processes.

FAMILY is an individual or two or more persons related by blood or marriage or a group of not more than five persons (excluding servants) who need not be related by blood or marriage living together in a dwelling unit.

FIRE ASSEMBLY. See Section 713.2.

FIRE CODE is the Uniform Fire Code promulgated by the International Fire Code Institute, as adopted by this jurisdiction.

FIRE RESISTANCE or FIRE-RESISTIVE CONSTRUCTION is construction to resist the spread of fire, details of which are specified in this code.

FIRE-RETARDANT-TREATED WOOD is any wood product impregnated with chemicals by a pressure process or other means during manufacture, and which, when tested in accordance with U.B.C. Standard 8-1 for a period of 30 minutes, shall have a flame spread of not over 25 and show no evidence of progressive combustion. In addition, the flame front shall not progress more than 101/2 feet (3200 mm) beyond the center line of the burner at any time during the test. Materials which may be exposed to the weather shall pass the accelerated weathering test and be identified as Exterior type, in accordance with U.B.C. Standard 23-5. Where material is not directly exposed to rainfall but exposed to high humidity conditions, it shall be subjected to the hygroscopic test and identified as Interior Type A in accordance with U.B.C. Standard 23-5.

All materials shall bear identification showing the fire performance rating thereof. Such identifications shall be issued by an approved agency having a service for inspection of materials at the factory.

FLAMMABLE LIQUID. See the Fire Code.

FLOOR AREA is the area included within the surrounding exterior walls of a building or portion thereof, exclusive of vent shafts and courts. The floor area of a building, or portion thereof, not provided with surrounding exterior walls shall be the usable area under the horizontal projection of the roof or floor above.

FM is Factory Mutual Engineering and Research, 1151 Boston-Providence Turnpike, Norwood, Massachusetts 02062.

FOAM PLASTIC INSULATION is a plastic which is intentionally expanded by the use of a foaming agent to produce a reduced-density plastic containing voids consisting of hollow spheres or interconnected cells distributed throughout the plastic for thermal insulating or acoustical purposes and which has a density less than 20 pounds per cubic foot (320 kg/m³).

FOOTING is that portion of the foundation of a structure which spreads and transmits loads directly to the soil or the piles.

FRONT OF LOT is the front boundary line of a lot bordering on the street and, in the case of a corner lot, may be either frontage.

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