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MARQUEE is a permanent roofed structure attached to and supported by the building and projecting over public property. Marquees are regulated in Chapter 32.

MASONRY is that form of construction composed of stone, brick, concrete, gypsum, hollow-clay tile, concrete block or tile, glass block or other similar building units or materials or combination of these materials laid up unit by unit and set in mortar.

MASONRY, SOLID, is masonry of solid units built without hollow spaces.

MECHANICAL CODE is the Uniform Mechanical Code promulgated by the International Conference of Building Officials, as adopted by this jurisdiction.

MEMBRANE PENETRATION FIRE STOP is a material, device or construction installed to resist, for a prescribed time period, the passage of flame, heat and hot gases through openings in a protective membrane in order to accommodate cables, cable trays, conduit, tubing, pipes or similar items.

MEZZANINE or MEZZANINE FLOOR is an intermediate floor placed within a room.

MOTEL shall mean hotel as defined in this code.

MOTOR VEHICLE FUEL-DISPENSING STATION is that portion of a building where flammable or combustible liquids or gases used as motor fuels are stored and dispensed from fixed equipment into the fuel tanks of motor vehicles.

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