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WALLS shall be defined as follows:

Bearing Wall is any wall meeting either of the following classifications:

(a) Any metal or wood stud wall which supports more than 100 pounds per lineal foot (0.0445 kN per lineal meter) of superimposed load.

(b) Any masonry or concrete wall which supports more than 200 pounds per lineal foot (0.089 kN per lineal meter) superimposed load, or any such wall supporting its own weight for more than one story.

Exterior Wall is any wall or element of a wall, or any member or group of members, which defines the exterior boundaries or courts of a building and which has a slope of 60 degrees or greater with the horizontal plane.

Faced Wall is a wall in which the masonry facing and backing are so bonded as to exert a common action under load.

Nonbearing Wall is any wall that is not a bearing wall.

Parapet Wall is that part of any wall entirely above the roof line.

Retaining Wall is a wall designed to resist the lateral displacement of soil or other materials.

WATER HEATER is an appliance designed primarily to supply hot water and is equipped with automatic controls limiting water temperature to a maximum of 210°F. (192°C.)

WEATHER-EXPOSED SURFACES are all surfaces of walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, soffits and similar surfaces exposed to the weather, excepting the following:

1. Ceilings and roof soffits enclosed by walls or by beams which extend a minimum of 12 inches (305 mm) below such ceiling or roof soffits.

2. Walls or portions of walls within an unenclosed roof area, when located a horizontal distance from an exterior opening equal to twice the height of the opening.

3. Ceiling and roof soffits beyond a horizontal distance of 10 feet (3048 mm) from the outer edge of the ceiling or roof soffits.

WINDOW WELL is a soil-retaining structure at a window having a sill height lower than the adjacent ground elevation.

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