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312.1 Group U Occupancies Defined. Group U Occupancies shall include buildings or structures, or portions thereof, and shall be:

Division 1. Private garages, carports, sheds and agricultural buildings.

EXCEPTION: Where applicable (see Section 101.3) for agricultural buildings, see Appendix Chapter 3.

Division 2. Fences over 6 feet (1829 mm) high, tanks and towers.

For occupancy separations, see Table 3-B.

312.2 Construction, Height and Allowable Area.

312.2.1 General. Buildings or parts of buildings classed as Group U, Division 1 Occupancies because of the use or character of the occupancy shall not exceed 1,000 square feet (99 m²) in area or one story in height except as provided in Section 312.2.2. Any building or portion thereof that exceeds the limitations specified in this chapter shall be classed in the occupancy group other than Group U, Division 1 that it most nearly resembles.

312.2.2 Special area provisions. The total area of a private garage used only as a parking garage for private or pleasure-type motor vehicles where no repair work is done or fuel dispensed may be 3,000 square feet (279 m²), provided the provisions set forth in Item 1 or 2 below are satisfied. More than one 3,000-square-foot (279 m²) Group U, Division 1 Occupancy may be within the same building, provided each 3,000-square-foot (279 m²) area is separated by area separation walls complying with Section 504.6.

1. For a mixed-occupancy building, the exterior wall and opening protection for the Group U, Division 1 portion of the building shall be as required for the major occupancy of the building. For such mixed-occupancy building, the allowable floor area of the building shall be as permitted for the major occupancy contained therein.

2. For a building containing only a Group U, Division 1 Occupancy, the exterior wall and opening protection shall be as required for a building classified as a Group R, Division 1 Occupancy.

312.2.3 Headroom clearance. Garages in connection with Group R, Division 1 Occupancies shall have an unobstructed headroom clearance of not less than 7 feet (2134 mm) above the finish floor to any ceiling, beam, pipe or similar construction except for wall-mounted shelves, storage surfaces, racks or cabinets.

312.3 Location on Property. For fire-resistive protection of exterior walls and openings, as determined by location on property, see Section 503 and Chapter 6.

312.4 Special Hazards. Chimneys and heating apparatus shall conform to the requirements of Chapter 31 and the Mechanical Code.

Under no circumstances shall a private garage have any opening into a room used for sleeping purposes.

Class I, II or III-A liquids shall not be stored, handled or used in Group U Occupancies unless such storage or handling shall comply with the Fire Code.

312.5 Garage Floor Surfaces. In areas where motor vehicles are stored or operated, floor surfaces shall be of noncombustible materials or asphaltic paving materials.

312.6 Agricultural Buildings. Where applicable (see Section 101.3) for agricultural buildings, see Appendix Chapter 3.

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