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323.1 Smoke Management System. A mechanically operated smoke management system or systems shall be provided in every detention or correctional facility.

323.2 Design and Installation. Every smoke management system shall be designed with zones which shall not exceed one smoke compartment per zone, except cell zones. Upon activation, the system shall operate at 100 percent exhaust from any zone of smoke generation and at 100 percent supply to all floors with returns closed in all zones adjacent to zone of smoke generation at not less than eight air changes per hour.

323.3 Automatic Initiation. Operation of the smoke-management system shall be initiated automatically upon the actuation of appropriately zoned automatic sprinkler flow indicators or smoke detectors or both. Smoke detectors shall be installed in accordance with Section 608 of the Mechanical Code and their listing.

323.4 Manual Controls. Zone operation status indicators and manual controls capable of overriding the automatic controls shall be provided in a location approved by the fire department.

323.5 Location of Intakes. Exhaust discharges and fresh air supply intakes shall be so located as to prevent the reintroduction of smoke into the building.

323.6 Plans. The location of required fire dampers or combination smoke-fire dampers shall be clearly indicated on plans.

323.7 Omission of Fire Dampers. Fire dampers required by other provisions of this code are not required if such dampers interfere with the operation of the smoke management system.

EXCEPTION: Those required to maintain the integrity of a floor-ceiling assembly.

323.8 Duct Materials. Duct materials shall be capable of safely conveying heat, smoke and toxic gases, to withstand both positive and negative pressures which may be imposed during the smoke-control mode, and to maintain their structural integrity under fire exposure conditions.

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