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324.1 Number of Exits. Multiple-occupancy rooms and day rooms in buildings or portions thereof in correctional or detention facilities constructed of not less than one-hour fire-resistive construction shall be provided with a minimum of two exits when the occupant load is more than 20.

The occupant load of any restraint area shall be determined by Table 10-A and classified as to the occupancy group it most nearly resembles and exits shall be provided as required by Section 1003.1.

A minimum of two exits shall be provided in all areas of restraint (cells. day rooms, cell tiers and cell complexes) within a detention or correctional facility when the occupant load is more than 20.

324.2 Exits through Adjoining or Accessory Areas. Exits from a room may open into an adjoining or intervening room or area, provided such adjoining room is accessory to the area served and provides a direct exit to an exit corridor, exit stairway, exterior exit, horizontal exit, exterior exit balcony or exit passageway.

EXCEPTIONS: 1. Exits are not to pass through kitchens, storerooms, restrooms, closets or spaces used for similar purposes.

2. The space in front of cells normally called a day room and used for access to an exitway in a detention or correctional facility shall not be considered an adjoining or accessory area if individual cells open directly into the space.

324.3 Cell Door Width. Cell doors shall not be less than 2 feet (610 mm) in width and 6 feet (1829 mm) in height.

324.4 Sliding Doors in Detention or Correctional Facilities. Electrically controlled and operated sliding doors may be used as exit doors regardless of occupant load served. Electrically controlled doors shall be designed to allow for manual operation by staff in the event of power failure.

324.5 Dead-end Balconies. Exit balconies serving cell tiers shall not extend more than 50 feet beyond an exit stairway.

NOTE: For number of exits, see Section 1003.1.

324.6 Electrically Operable Exit Doors. All exit doors (except those opening directly to the exterior of the building) and doors from cells and holding rooms in detention and correctional occupancies shall be electrically operable from the facility control center. Electric operation shall override any manual device.

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