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402.1 General. Buildings, of other than Group H Occupancy, with automatic sprinkler protection throughout may have atria complying with the provisions of this section. Such atria shall have a minimum opening area and dimension as set forth in Table 4-A.

402.2 Smoke-control System. A smoke-control system meeting the requirements of Section 905 shall be provided within the atrium and areas open to the atrium. The smoke-control system shall operate automatically upon actuation of the automatic sprinkler system within the atrium or areas open to the atrium and as required by Section 905.9.

402.3 Enclosure of Atria. Atria shall be separated from adjacent spaces by not less than one-hour fire-resistive construction.

EXCEPTIONS: 1. The separation between atria and tenant spaces that are not guest rooms, congregate residences or dwelling units may be omitted at three floor levels.

2. Open exit balconies are permitted within the atrium.

Openings in the atrium enclosure other than fixed glazing shall be protected by smoke- and draft-control assemblies conforming to Section 1005.8.

EXCEPTION: Other tight-fitting doors which are maintained automatic closing, in accordance with Section 713.2, by actuation of a smoke detector, or self-closing may be used when protected as required for glazed openings in Exception 2 below.

Fixed glazed openings in the atrium enclosure shall be equipped with fire windows having a fire-resistive rating of not less than three-fourths hour, and the total area of such openings shall not exceed 25 percent of the area of the common wall between the atrium and the room into which the opening is provided.

EXCEPTIONS: 1. In Group R, Division 1 Occupancies, openings may be unprotected when the floor area of each guest room, congregate residence or dwelling unit does not exceed 1,000 square feet (93 ) and each room or unit has an approved exit not entering the atrium.

2. Guest rooms, dwelling units, congregate residences and tenant spaces may be separated from the atrium by approved fixed wired glass set in steel frames. In lieu thereof, tempered or laminated glass or listed glass block may be used, subject to the following:

2.1 The glass shall be protected by a sprinkler system equipped with listed quick-response sprinklers. The sprinkler system shall completely wet the entire surface of the glass wall when actuated. Where there are walking surfaces on both sides of the glass, both sides of the glass shall be so protected.

2.2 The tempered or laminated glass shall be in a gasketed frame so installed that the glazing system may deflect without breaking (loading) the glass before the sprinkler system operates.

2.3 The glass block wall assembly shall be installed in accordance with its listing for a three-fourths-hour fire-resistive rating and Section 2110.

2.4 Obstructions such as curtain rods, drapery traverse rods, curtains, drapes or similar materials shall not be installed between the sprinkler and the glass.

402.4 Travel Distance. When a required exit enters the atrium space, the travel distance from the doorway of the tenant space to an enclosed stairway, horizontal exit, exterior door or exit passageway shall not exceed 100 feet (30 480 mm).

402.5 Group I Occupancy Exits. In Group I Occupancies, other than jails, prisons and reformatories, sleeping rooms shall not be permitted to have required exits through the atrium.

402.6 Occupancy Separation Exceptions. The vertical portion of the occupancy separation which is adjacent to the atrium may be omitted between a Group B Occupancy office, Group M Occupancy sales area or Group A, Division 3 Occupancy and Group R, Division 1 apartment, congregate residence or guest room located on another level.

402.7 Standby Power. Smoke control for the atrium and the smoke-control system for the tenant space shall be provided with standby power as required in Section 905.8.

402.8 Interior Finish. The interior finish of walls and ceilings of the atrium and all unseparated tenant spaces allowed under Exception 1 to the first paragraph of Section 402.3 shall be Class I with no reduction in class for sprinkler protection.

402.9 Acceptance of the Smoke-control System. Acceptance shall be as required by Section 905.15.

402.10 Combustible Furnishings in Atria. The quantity of combustible furnishings in atria shall not exceed that specified in the Fire Code.

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