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408.1 General. Amusement buildings having an occupant load of 50 or more shall comply with the requirements for the appropriate Group A Occupancy and this section. Amusement buildings having an occupant load of less than 50 shall comply with the requirements for a Group B Occupancy and this section.

EXCEPTION: Amusement buildings or portions thereof which are without walls or a roof and constructed to prevent the accumulation of smoke in assembly areas.

For flammable decorative materials, see the Fire Code.

408.2 Definition. For the purposes of this code the following definition applies:

AMUSEMENT BUILDING is a building or portion thereof, temporary or permanent, used for entertainment or educational purposes and which contains a system which transports passengers or provides a walkway through a course so arranged that the required exits are not apparent due to theatrical distractions, are disguised or not readily available due to the method of transportation through the building or structure.

408.3 Exit and Exit Signs. Exits and exit signs for amusement buildings shall be approved by the building official and, where practical, shall comply with the requirements specified in Chapter 10. For exit marking, see Section 1013.6.

408.4 Automatic Fire-extinguishing Systems. An automatic fire-extinguishing system shall be installed in amusement buildings as set forth in Section 904.2.3.6.

408.5 Alarm Systems.

408.5.1 General. An approved smoke-detection system installed in accordance with the Fire Code shall be provided in amusement buildings.

EXCEPTION: In areas where ambient conditions will cause a smoke-detector system to alarm, an approved alternate type of automatic detector shall be installed.

408.5.2 Alarm system. Activation of any single smoke detector, the automatic sprinkler system or other automatic fire-detection device shall immediately sound an alarm in the building at a constantly supervised location from which the manual operation of systems noted in Section 408.5.3, Items 1, 2 and 3, may be initiated.

408.5.3 System response. The activation of two or more smoke detectors, a single smoke detector monitored by an alarm verification zone, the automatic sprinkler system or other approved automatic fire-detection device shall automatically:

1. Stop confusing sounds and visual effects, and

2. Activate an approved directional exit marking, and

3. Cause illumination of the exit path with light of not less than 1 footcandle at the walking surface.

408.5.4 Public address system. A public address system which is audible throughout the amusement building shall be provided. The public address system may also serve as an alarm system.

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