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409.1 General. A pedestrian walkway shall be considered a building when determining the roof covering permitted by Table 15-A. Pedestrian walkways connecting separate buildings need not be considered as buildings and need not be considered in the determination of the allowable floor area of the connected buildings when the pedestrian walkway complies with the provisions of this section.

409.2 Construction. Pedestrian walkways shall be constructed of noncombustible materials.

EXCEPTIONS: 1. Pedestrian walkways connecting buildings of Type III, IV or V construction may be constructed of one-hour fire-resistive construction or of heavy-timber construction in accordance with Section 605.6.

2. Pedestrian walkways located on grade having both sides open by at least 50 percent and connecting buildings of Type III, IV or V construction may be constructed with any materials allowed by this code.

409.3 Openings between Pedestrian Walkways and Buildings. Openings from buildings to pedestrian walkways shall conform to the requirements of Table 5-A and Sections 503.3, 602.3, 603.3, 604.3, 605.3 and 606.3. In addition, pedestrian walkways connecting buildings shall be either provided with opening protection at connections to buildings in accordance with Section 1005.8 or constructed with both sides of the pedestrian walkway at least 50 percent open with the open area distributed so as to prevent the accumulation of smoke and toxic gases.

409.4 Width. The unobstructed width of pedestrian walkways shall not be less than 44 inches (1118 mm). The total width of a pedestrian walkway shall not exceed 30 feet (9144 mm).

409.5 Maximum Length. The length of a pedestrian walkway shall not exceed 300 feet (91.44 m).

EXCEPTIONS: 1. Pedestrian walkways that are fully sprinklered may be 400 feet (121.92 m) in length.

2. Unenclosed walkways at grade.

409.6 Multiple Pedestrian Walkways. The distance between any two pedestrian walkways on the same horizontal plane shall not be less than 40 feet (12 192 mm).

409.7 Required Exits. Pedestrian walkways at other than grade shall not be used as required exits. Pedestrian walkways at grade level used as required exits shall provide an unobstructed means of egress to a public way and shall have a minimum width in accordance with Section 1003.2.

EXCEPTION: Pedestrian walkways conforming to the requirements of a horizontal exit may be used as a required exit.

409.8 Pedestrian Walkways over Public Streets. Pedestrian walkways over public streets shall be subject to the approval of local jurisdictions.

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