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431.1 General. Nothing in these regulations shall be construed as preventing the dual use or multiple use of normal occupancy space as fallout shelter space, providing the minimum requirements for each use are met.

431.2 Mixed Occupancy. The occupancy classification shall be determined by the normal use of the building. When a normal-use space is designed to have an emergency use as a fallout shelter in addition to the normal use, the most restrictive requirements for all such uses shall be met.

431.3 Occupancy Separation. No occupancy separation is required between that portion designated as a fallout shelter and the remainder of the building.

431.4 Space and Ventilation. A minimum of 10 square feet (0.929 ) of net floor area shall be provided per shelter occupant. Partitions, columns and area for storage of federal shelter supplies also may be included in net area. A minimum of 65 cubic feet (1.84 ) of volume shall be provided per shelter occupant. A minimum of 3 cubic feet (0.085 ) of fresh air per minute per person shall be provided.

In addition, the shelter shall have a ventilating rate sufficient to maintain a daily average effective temperature of not more than 82°F. (28°C.) for at least 90 percent of the days of the year.

431.5 Illumination. No special lighting levels are required.

431.6 Hazards. Hazardous utility lines such as steam, gas and oil shall not be located in or near the shelter unless provision is made to control such lines by valving or other approved means.

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