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604.1 Definition. Structural elements in Type III buildings may be of any materials permitted by this code.

Type III One-hour buildings shall be of one-hour fire-resistive construction throughout.

604.2 Structural Framework. Structural framework shall be of steel or iron as specified in Chapter 22, concrete as in Chapter 19, masonry as in Chapter 21, or wood as in Chapter 23 and this chapter.

604.3 Exterior Walls, Openings and Partitions.

604.3.1 Exterior walls. Exterior walls shall be constructed of noncombustible materials and shall comply with the fire-resistive requirements set forth in Section 503 and Tables 5-A and 6-A.

604.3.2 Openings in walls. Openings in exterior walls shall conform to the requirements of Section 503.2 and Table 5-A.

604.3.3 Partitions. Bearing partitions, when constructed of wood, shall comply with Section 2318.

604.4 Stairway Construction.

604.4.1 General. Stairways shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 10.

604.4.2 Interior. Interior stairways serving buildings not exceeding three stories in height may be constructed of any material permitted by this code.

In buildings more than three stories in height, interior stairways shall be constructed as required for Type I buildings.

604.4.3 Exterior. Exterior stairways shall be of noncombustible material except that on buildings not exceeding two stories in height, they may be of wood not less than 2 inches (51 mm) in nominal thickness.

604.5 Roofs. Roof coverings shall be as specified in Chapter 15.

Except in retail sales and storage areas classified as Group M or S, Division 1 Occupancies and in Group H Occupancies, roofs and their members other than the structural frame may be of unprotected noncombustible materials when every part of the roof framing, including the structural frame, is 25 feet (7620 mm) or more above the floor, balcony or gallery immediately below. Heavy-timber members in accordance with Section 605.6 may be used for such unprotected members in one-story buildings.

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