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703.1 General. Materials and systems used for fire-resistive purposes shall be limited to those specified in this chapter unless accepted under the procedure given in Section 703.2 or 703.3.

The materials and details of construction for the fire-resistive systems described in this chapter shall be in accordance with all other provisions of this code except as modified herein.

For the purpose of determining the degree of fire resistance afforded, the materials of construction listed in this chapter shall be assumed to have the fire-resistance rating indicated in Table 7-A, 7-B or 7-C.

As an alternate to Table 7-A, 7-B or 7-C, fire-resistive construction may be approved by the building official on the basis of evidence submitted showing that the construction meets the required fire-resistive classification.

703.2 Qualification by Testing. Material or assembly of materials of construction tested in accordance with the requirements set forth in U.B.C. Standard 7-1 shall be rated for fire resistance in accordance with the results and conditions of such tests.

EXCEPTION: The acceptance criteria of U.B.C. Standard 7-1 for exterior bearing walls shall not be required to be greater with respect to heat transmission and passage of flame or hot gases than would be required of a nonbearing wall in the same building with the same distance to the property line. The fire exposure time period, water pressure and duration of application for the hose stream test shall be based on the fire-resistive rating determined by this exception.

Fire-resistive assemblies tested under U.B.C. Standard 7-1 shall not be considered to be restrained unless evidence satisfactory to the building official is furnished by the person responsible for the structural design showing that the construction qualifies for a restrained classification in accordance with U.B.C. Standard 7-1. Restrained construction shall be identified on the plans.

703.3 Calculating Fire Resistance. The fire-resistive rating of a material or assembly may be established by calculations. The procedures used for such calculations shall be in accordance with U.B.C. Standard 7-7.

703.4 Standards of Quality. In addition to all the other requirements of this code, fire-resistive materials shall meet the requirements for fire-resistive construction given in this chapter.

The standards listed below labeled a "U.B.C. standard" are also listed in Chapter 35, Part II, and are part of this code. The other standards listed below are recognized standards. (See Sections 3502 and 3503.)

1. U.B.C. Standard 7-1, Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials

2. U.B.C. Standard 7-2, Fire Tests of Door Assemblies

3. U.B.C. Standard 7-3, Tinclad Fire Doors

4. U.B.C. Standard 7-4, Fire Tests of Window Assemblies

5. U.B.C. Standard 7-5, Fire Tests of Through-penetration Fire Stops

6. U.B.C. Standard 7-6, Thickness and Density Determination for Spray-applied Fireproofing

7. U.B.C. Standard 7-7, Methods for Calculating Fire Resistance of Steel, Concrete Masonry and Wood Construction

8. ASTM C 516, Vermiculite Loose-fill Insulation

9. ASTM C 549, Perlite Loose-fill Insulation

10. ANSI/NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Windows

11. ASTM C 587 and C 588, Gypsum Base for Veneer Plaster and Gypsum Veneer

12. ASTM C 330 and C 332, Lightweight Aggregates for Structural and Insulating Concrete

13. ASTM C 331, Lightweight Aggregates for Concrete Masonry Units

14. UL 555, Fire Dampers

15. UL 555C, Ceiling Dampers

16. UL 555S, Leakage Rated Dampers for Use in Smoke Control Systems

17. UL 33, Heat Response Links for Fire Protection Service

18. UL 353, Limit Controls

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