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801.1 Scope. Interior wall and ceiling finish shall mean interior wainscoting, paneling or other finish applied structurally or for decoration, acoustical correction, surface insulation, sanitation or similar purposes. Requirements for finishes in this chapter shall not apply to trim defined as picture molds, chair rails, baseboards and handrails; to doors and windows or their frames; or to materials which are less than 1/28 inch (0.9 mm) in thickness applied directly to the surface of walls or ceilings, if these materials have surface-burning characteristics no greater than paper of this thickness applied directly to a noncombustible backing in the same manner.

Foam plastics shall not be used as interior finish except as provided in Section 2602. For foam plastic trim, see Section 601.5.5.

See Section 1403 for veneer.

801.2 Standards of Quality. The standards listed below labeled a "U.B.C. standard" are also listed in Chapter 35, Part II, and are part of this code.

1. U.B.C. Standard 8-1, Test Method for Surface-burning Characteristics of Building Materials

2. U.B.C. Standard 8-2, Standard Test Method for Evaluating Room Fire Growth Contribution of Textile Wall Covering

801.3 Veneer. Veneers shall comply with Section 1403.

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