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Fire-extinguishing systems, including automatic sprinkler systems, Class I, Class II and Class III standpipe systems, special automatic extinguishing systems, basement pipe inlets, smoke-control systems, and smoke and heat vents shall be approved and shall be subject to such periodic tests as may be required.

The standards listed below labeled a "U.B.C. standard" are also listed in Chapter 35, Part II, and are part of this code. The other standards listed below are recognized standards (see Sections 3502 and 3503).

1. Fire-extinguishing system.

1.1 U.B.C. Standard 9-1, Installation of Sprinkler Systems

1.2 U.B.C. Standard 9-3, Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Group R Occupancies Four Stories or Less

2. Standpipe systems.

U.B.C. Standard 9-2, Standpipe Systems

3. Smoke control.

3.1 U.B.C. Standard 7-2, Fire Tests of Door Assemblies

3.2 UL 555, Fire Dampers

3.3 UL 555C, Ceiling Dampers

3.4 UL 555S, Leakage Rated Dampers for Use in Smoke Control Systems

3.5 UL 33, Heat Response Links for Fire Protection Service

3.6 UL 353, Limit Controls

4. Smoke and heat vents.

U.B.C. Standard 15-7, Automatic Smoke and Heat Vents

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