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907.1 General. All basement pipe inlets shall be installed in accordance with requirements of this section.

907.2 Where Required. Basement pipe inlets shall be installed in the first floor of every store, warehouse or factory having basements.

EXCEPTIONS: 1. Where the basement is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system as specified in Section 904.2.

2. Where the basement is used for the storage of permanent archives or valuables such as safe deposit vaults or similar uses adversely affected by water.

907.3 Location. The location of basement pipe inlets shall be as required by the fire department.

907.4 Detailed Requirements. All basement pipe inlets shall be of cast iron, steel, brass or bronze with lids of cast brass or bronze.

The basement pipe inlet shall consist of a sleeve not less than 8 inches (203 mm) inside diameter extending through the floor and terminating flush with or through the basement ceiling and shall have a top flange recessed with an inside shoulder to receive the lid. The top flange shall be installed flush with finish floor surface. The lid shall be a solid casting and have a lift recessed in the top. This lid shall be provided with a cast-in sign reading: FIRE DEPARTMENT ONLY, DO NOT COVER. The lid shall be installed in such a manner to permit its easy removal from the flange shoulder.

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