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1013.1 Where Required. When two or more exits from a story are required by Section 1003, exit signs shall be installed at stair enclosure doors, horizontal exits and other required exits from the story. When two or more exits are required from a room or area, exit signs shall be installed at the required exits from the room or area and where otherwise necessary to clearly indicate the direction of egress.

EXCEPTIONS: 1. Main exterior exit doors which obviously and clearly are identifiable as exits need not be signed when approved by the building official.

2. Group R, Division 3, and individual units of Group R, Division 1 Occupancies.

3. Exits from rooms or areas with an occupant load of less than 50 when located within a Group I, Division 1.1, 1.2 or 2 Occupancy or a Group E, Division 3 day-care occupancy.

1013.2 Graphics. The color and design of lettering, arrows and other symbols on exit signs shall be in high contrast with their background. Words on the sign shall be in block letters 6 inches (152 mm) in height with a stroke of not less than 3/4 inch (19 mm).

1013.3 Illumination. Signs shall be internally or externally illuminated by two electric lamps or shall be of an approved self-luminous type. When the luminance on the face of an exit sign is from an external source, it shall have an intensity of not less than 5.0 footcandles (53.82 lx) from either lamp. Internally illuminated signs shall provide equivalent luminance.

1013.4 Power Supply. Current supply to one of the lamps for exit signs shall be provided by the premises' wiring system. Power to the other lamp shall be from storage batteries or an on-site generator set and the system shall be installed in accordance with the Electrical Code. For high-rise buildings, see Section 403.

1013.5 Floor-level Exit Signs. When exit signs are required by Section 1013.1, additional approved low-level exit signs which are internally or externally illuminated, photoluminescent or self-luminous, shall be provided in all interior exit corridors serving guest rooms of hotels in Group R, Division 1 Occupancies.

The bottom of the sign shall not be less than 6 inches (152 mm) or more than 8 inches (203 mm) above the floor level. For exit doors, the sign shall be on the door or adjacent to the door with the closest edge of the sign within 4 inches (102 mm) of the door frame.

1013.6 Amusement Building Exit Marking. Approved direction exit marking and exit signs shall be provided. Approved low-level exit signs and directional marking shall be located not more than 8 inches (203 mm) above the walking surface and at the exit path. Such marking shall be activated in accordance with Section 408.5.3.

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