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For the purpose of this chapter, certain terms are defined as follows:

ACCESSIBLE describes a site, building, facility, or portion thereof, that complies with this chapter and that can be approached, entered and used by persons with physical disabilities.

ACCESSIBLE MEANS OF EGRESS is a path of travel, usable by a mobility impaired person, that leads to a public way.

ACCESSIBLE ROUTE is a continuous path connecting accessible elements and spaces in a building or facility that is usable by persons with disabilities.

ADAPTABILITY is the capability of altering or adding to certain building spaces and elements, such as kitchen counters, sinks and grab bars, so as to accommodate the needs of persons with and without disabilities, or to accommodate the needs of persons with different types or degrees of disability.

AREA OF REFUGE is an area with direct access to an exit or an elevator where persons unable to use stairs can remain temporarily in safety to await instructions or assistance during emergency evacuation.

CABO/ANSI A117.1 is American National Standard A117.1-1992 published by the Council of American Building Officials.

COMMON-USE AREAS are rooms, spaces or elements that are made available for use by a specific group of people.

ELEMENT is an architectural or mechanical component of a building, facility, space or site that is used in making spaces accessible.

FACILITY is all or any portion of a building, structure or area, including the site on which such building, structure, or area is located, wherein specific services are provided or activities are performed.

PERSON WITH DISABILITY is an individual who has an impairment, including a mobility, sensory or cognitive impairment, which results in a functional limitation in access to and use of a building or facility.

PUBLIC-USE AREAS are rooms or spaces that are made available to the general public.

SITE is a parcel of land bounded by a property line or a designated portion of a public right-of-way.

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