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1111.1 General.

1111.1.1 Compliance. Alterations to existing buildings or facilities shall comply with this section. Alterations shall not reduce or have the effect of reducing accessibility or usability of a building, portion of a building, or facility. If compliance with this section is technically infeasible, the alteration shall provide access to the maximum extent technically feasible.

1111.1.2 Existing elements. If existing elements, spaces, essential features or common areas are altered, each such altered element, space, feature or area shall comply with the applicable provisions in Chapter 11 and CABO/ANSI A117.1.

EXCEPTION: Accessible means of egress required by Section 1104 need not be provided in alterations of existing buildings and facilities.

When an alteration is to an area of primary function, the accessible route to the altered area shall be made accessible. The accessible route to the primary function area shall include toilet facilities or drinking fountains serving the area of primary function.

EXCEPTIONS: 1. The costs of providing the accessible route need not exceed 20 percent of the costs of the alterations affecting the area of primary function.

2. Alterations to windows, hardware, operating controls, electrical outlets and signs.

3. Alterations to mechanical systems, electrical systems, installation or alteration of fire-protection systems, and abatement of hazardous materials.

4. Alterations undertaken for the primary purpose of increasing the accessibility of an existing building, facility or element.

1111.2 Modifications.

1111.2.1 General. Modifications set forth in this section may be used for compliance when the required standard is technically infeasible.

1111.2.2 Hotel guest rooms. When guest rooms of a hotel are being altered, at least one of every 25 guest rooms being altered shall be accessible, and at least one additional guest room for every 25 guest rooms being altered shall be provided with visible and audible alarm-indicating appliances for persons with hearing impairments. The total number of accessible guest rooms and guest rooms accessible to persons with hearing impairments need not exceed the number required by Section 1103.

1111.2.3 Performance areas. When it is technically infeasible to alter performance areas to be on an accessible route, at least one of each type of performance area shall be made accessible.

1111.2.4 Platform lifts. Platform lifts may be used when installation of an elevator is technically infeasible.

1111.2.5 Toilet rooms. The addition of one accessible unisex toilet facility accessible to occupants on the floor may be provided in lieu of making existing toilet facilities accessible when it is technically infeasible to alter existing toilet and bathing facilities to be accessible. The unisex facility shall be located on the same floor and in the same area as the existing toilet facilities. Each unisex toilet facility shall contain one accessible water closet and lavatory, and the door shall be lockable from within the room.

When existing toilet facilities are being altered and are not made accessible, directional signs shall be provided indicating the location of the nearest accessible toilet or bathing facility within the building.

1111.2.6 Assembly areas. Seating shall adjoin an accessible route that also serves as a means of egress. When it is technically infeasible to disperse accessible seating throughout an altered assembly area, accessible seating areas may be clustered. Each accessible seating area shall have provisions for companion seating.

1111.2.7 Dressing rooms. When it is technically infeasible to provide accessible dressing rooms in each group of rooms, one dressing room for each sex, or a unisex dressing room, on each level shall be accessible.

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