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1208.1 General. In Group R Occupancies, wall and floor-ceiling assemblies separating dwelling units or guest rooms from each other and from public space such as interior corridors and service areas shall provide airborne sound insulation for walls, and both airborne and impact sound insulation for floor-ceiling assemblies.

The standards listed below are guideline standards and as such are not adopted as part of this code (see Sections 3502 and 3503).

1. ASTM E 90 and E 413, Laboratory Determination of Airborne Sound Transmission Class (STC)

2. ASTM E 492, Impact Sound Insulation

3. ASTM E 336, Airborne Sound Insulation Field Test

1208.2 Airborne Sound Insulation. All such separating walls and floor-ceiling assemblies shall provide an airborne sound insulation equal to that required to meet a sound transmission class (STC) of 50 (45 if field tested).

Penetrations or openings in construction assemblies for piping, electrical devices, recessed cabinets, bathtubs, soffits, or heating, ventilating or exhaust ducts shall be sealed, lined, insulated or otherwise treated to maintain the required ratings.

Entrance doors from interior corridors together with their perimeter seals shall have a laboratory-tested STC rating of not less than 26 and such perimeter seals shall be maintained in good operating condition.

1208.3 Impact Sound Insulation. All separating floor-ceiling assemblies between separate units or guest rooms shall provide impact sound insulation equal to that required to meet an impact insulation class (IIC) of 50 (45 if field tested). Floor coverings may be included in the assembly to obtain the required ratings and must be retained as a permanent part of the assembly and may be replaced only by other floor covering that provides the same sound insulation required above.

1208.4 Tested Assemblies. Field or laboratory tested wall or floor-ceiling designs having an STC or IIC of 50 or more may be used without additional field testing when, in the opinion of the building official, the tested design has not been compromised by flanking paths. Tests may be required by the building official when evidence of compromised separations is noted.

1208.5 Field Testing and Certification. Field testing, when required, shall be done under the supervision of a professional acoustical who shall be experienced in the field of acoustical testing and engineering and who shall forward certified test results to the building official that minimum sound insulation requirements stated above have been met.

1208.6 Airborne Sound Insulation Field Tests. When required, airborne sound insulation shall be determined according to the applicable Field Airborne Sound Transmission Loss Test procedures. All sound transmitted from the source room to the receiving room shall be considered to be transmitted through the test partition.

1208.7 Impact Sound Insulation Field Test. When required, impact sound insulation shall be determined.

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