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1501.1 General. Roofs and roof structures shall be as specified in this code and as otherwise required by this chapter.

Roof coverings shall be secured or fastened to the supporting roof construction and shall provide weather protection for the building at the roof.

Subject to the requirements of this chapter, combustible roof coverings and roof insulation may be used in any type of construction.

Skylights shall be constructed as required in Chapter 24.

For use of plastics in roofs, see Chapter 26.

For solar energy collectors located above or upon a roof, see Chapter 13.

1501.2 Standards of Quality. The standards listed below labeled a "U.B.C. standard" are also listed in Chapter 35, Part II, and are part of this code. The other standards listed below are recognized standards (see Sections 3502 and 3503).

1. Roof coverings.

1.1 UL 55-A, Materials for Use in Construction of Built-up Roof Coverings

1.2 UL 55-B, Class C Sheet Roofing and Shingles Made from Organic Felt

1.3 ASTM A 570 and A 611, Sheet Metals

1.4 U.B.C. Standard 15-3, Wood Shakes

1.5 ASTM C 222, Asbestos-Cement Shingles

1.6 ASTM C 406, Slate Shingles

1.7 U.B.C. Standard 15-4, Wood Shingles

1.8 U.B.C. Standard 15-5, Roofing Tile

1.9 U.B.C. Standard 15-6, Modified Bitumen, Thermoplastic and Thermoset Membranes

2. Roofing materials.

2.1 ASTM D 312 and D 450, Roofing Asphalt and Coal Tar Bitumen

2.2 U.B.C. Standard 15-1, Roofing Aggregates

2.3 ASTM A 219 and A 239, Corrosion-resistant Metals

2.4 ASTM B 134, B 211 and B 250, Wire

3. Roofing test.

U.B.C. Standard 15-2, Fire Retardancy of Roof-covering Materials

4. Roof vents.

U.B.C. Standard 15-7, Automatic Smoke and Heat Vents

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