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1809.1 General. In Seismic Zones 3 and 4 the further requirements of this section shall apply to the design and construction of foundations, foundation components and the connection of superstructure elements thereto.

1809.2 Soil Capacity. The one-third stress increase allowed by Section 1603.5 may be exceeded for soils for combinations including earthquake when substantiated by geotechnical data. The foundation shall be capable of transmitting the design base shear and overturning forces prescribed in Section 1628 from the structure into the supporting soil. The short-term dynamic nature of the loads may be taken into account in establishing the soil properties.

1809.3 Superstructure-to-Foundation Connection. The connection of superstructure elements to the foundation shall be adequate to transmit to the foundation the forces for which the elements were required to be designed.

1809.4 Foundation-Soil Interface. For regular buildings, the force may be omitted when determining the overturning moment to be resisted at the foundation-soil interface.

1809.5 Special Requirements for Piles and Caissons.

1809.5.1 General. Piles, caissons and caps shall be designed according to the provisions of Section 1603, including the effects of lateral displacements. Special detailing requirements as described in Section 1809.5.2 shall apply for a length of piles equal to 120 percent of the flexural length. Flexural length shall be considered as a length of pile from the first point of zero lateral deflection to the underside of the pile cap or grade beam.

1809.5.2 Steel piles, nonprestressed concrete piles and prestressed concrete piles.

1809.5.2.1 Steel piles. Piles shall conform to width-thickness ratios of stiffened, unstiffened and tubular compression elements as shown in Chapter 22, Division VIII.

1809.5.2.2 Nonprestressed concrete piles. Piles shall have transverse reinforcement meeting the requirements of Section 1921.4.

EXCEPTION: Transverse reinforcement need not exceed the amount determined by Formula (21-2) in Section 1921.4.4.1 for spiral or circular hoop reinforcement or by Formula (21-4) in Section 1921.4.4.1 for rectangular hoop reinforcement.

1809.5.2.3 Prestressed concrete piles. Piles shall have a minimum volumetric ratio of spiral reinforcement no less than 0.021 for 14-inch (356 mm) square and smaller piles, and 0.012 for 24-inch (610 mm) square and larger piles unless a smaller value can be justified by rational analysis. Interpolation may be used between the specified ratios for intermediate sizes.

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