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1828.1 Placement of Backfill. The excavation outside the foundation shall be backfilled with soil which is free of organic material, construction debris and large rocks. The backfill shall be placed in lifts and compacted in a manner which does not damage the waterproofing or dampproofing material or structurally damage the wall.

1828.2 Site Grading. The ground immediately adjacent to the foundation shall be sloped away from the building at not less than 1 unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (8.3% slope) for a minimum distance of 6 feet (1829 mm) measured perpendicular to the face of the wall or an approved alternate method of diverting water away from the foundation shall be used. Consideration shall be given to possible additional settlement of the backfill when establishing final ground level adjacent to the foundation.

1828.3 Erosion Protection. Where water impacts the ground from the edge of the roof, downspout, scupper, valley, or other rainwater collection or diversion device, provisions shall be used to prevent soil erosion and direct the water away from the foundation.

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