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2102.1 Quality. Materials used in masonry shall conform to the requirements stated herein. If no requirements are specified in this section for a material, quality shall be based on generally accepted good practice, subject to the approval of the building official.

Reclaimed or previously used masonry units shall meet the applicable requirements as for new masonry units of the same material for their intended use.

2102.2 Standards of Quality. The standards listed below labeled a "U.B.C. standard" are also listed in Chapter 35, Part II, and are part of this code. The other standards listed below are recognized standards. See Sections 3502 and 3503.

1. Aggregates.

1.1 ASTM C 144, Aggregates for Masonry Mortar

1.2 ASTM C 404, Aggregates for Grout

2. Cement.

2.1 U.B.C. Standard 21-11, Masonry Cement. (Plastic cement conforming to the requirements of U.B.C. Standard 25-1 may be used in lieu of masonry cement when it also conforms to U.B.C. Standard 21-11.)

2.2 U.B.C. Standard 19-1, Portland Cement and Blended Hydraulic Cements

2.3 U.B.C. Standard 21-14, Mortar Cement

3. Lime.

3.1 U.B.C. Standard 21-12, Quick Lime for Structural Purposes

3.2 U.B.C. Standard 21-13, Hydrated Lime for Masonry Purposes. When Types N and NA hydrated lime are used in masonry mortar, they shall comply with the provisions of U.B.C. Standard 21-15, Section 21.1506.7, excluding the plasticity requirement.

4. Masonry units of clay or shale.

4.1 ASTM C 34 and C 112, Method C, Structural Clay Load-bearing Wall Tile

4.2 ASTM C 56, Structural Clay Nonload-bearing Tile

4.3 U.B.C. Standard 21-1, Section 21.101, Building Brick (solid units)

4.4 ASTM C 126, Ceramic Glazed Structural Clay Facing Tile, Facing Brick and Solid Masonry Units. Load-bearing glazed brick shall conform to the weathering and structural requirements of U.B.C. Standard 21-1, Section 21.106, Facing Brick

4.5 ASTM C 34 and C 112, Method C, Structural Clay Facing Tile

4.6 U.B.C. Standard 21-1, Section 21.106, Facing Brick (solid units)

4.7 U.B.C. Standard 21-1, Section 21.107, Hollow Brick

4.8 ASTM C 67, Sampling and Testing Brick

4.9 ASTM C 212, Structural Clay Facing Tile

4.10 ASTM C 530, Structural Clay Non-Loadbearing Screen Tile

5. Masonry units of concrete.

5.1 U.B.C. Standard 21-3, Concrete Building Brick

5.2 U.B.C. Standard 21-4, Hollow and Solid Load-bearing Concrete Masonry Units

5.3 U.B.C. Standard 21-5, Nonload-bearing Concrete Masonry Units

5.4 ASTM C 140, Sampling and Testing Concrete Masonry Units

5.5 ASTM C 426, Standard Test Method for Drying Shrinkage of Concrete Block

6. Masonry units of other materials.

6.1 Calcium silicate.

U.B.C. Standard 21-2, Calcium Silicate Face Brick (Sand-lime Brick)

6.2 U.B.C. Standard 21-9, Unburned Clay Masonry Units

6.3 ACI-704, Cast Stone

6.4 U.B.C. Standard 21-17, Test Method for Compressive Strength of Masonry Prisms

7. Connectors.

7.1 Wall ties and anchors made from steel wire shall conform to U.B.C. Standard 21-10, Part II, and other steel wall ties and anchors shall conform to A 36 in accordance with U.B.C. Standard 22-1. Wall ties and anchors made from copper, brass or other nonferrous metal shall have a minimum tensile yield strength of 30,000 psi (207 MPa).

7.2 All such items not fully embedded in mortar or grout shall either be corrosion resistant or shall be coated after fabrication with copper, zinc or a metal having at least equivalent corrosion-resistant properties.

8. Mortar.

8.1 U.B.C. Standard 21-15, Mortar for Unit Masonry

8.2 U.B.C. Standard 21-16, Field Test Specimens for Mortar

8.3 U.B.C. Standard 21-20, Standard Test Method for Flexural Bond Strength of Mortar Cement

9. Grout.

9.1 U.B.C. Standard 21-9, Grout for Masonry

9.2 U.B.C. Standard 21-18, Method of Sampling and Testing Grout

10. Reinforcement.

10.1 U.B.C. Standard 21-10, Part I, Joint Reinforcement for Masonry

10.2 ASTM A 615, A 616, A 617, A 706, A 767, and A 775, Deformed and Plain Billet-steel Bars, Rail-steel Deformed and Plain Bars, Axle-steel Deformed and Plain Bars, and Deformed Low-alloy Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

10.3 U.B.C. Standard 21-10, Part II, Cold-drawn Steel Wire for Concrete Reinforcement

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