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2408.1 Test Method. Each panel of glass (including doors) in an actual installation or test mockup shall be impacted from the playing side at a point 59 inches (1499 mm) from the playing surface and its horizontal midpoint. The impactor and test procedure shall be as described in U.B.C. Standard 24-2, Part I, Category II, using a drop height of 48 inches (1219 mm). Results from a test mockup shall apply only to actual installations in which the glass is no greater in either dimension and is at least as thick. Fittings and attachments for a mockup shall be identical to those used in actual installations. The conditions of Section 2408.2 shall be met.

2408.2 End Point Conditions. The following conditions shall be met when the glass is impacted as described in Section 2408.1:

1. The glass shall not break.

2. Deflection at the point of impact shall not exceed 1 1/2 inches (38 mm).

3. Door hardware shall remain intact and operable.

4. The deflection of the door edges shall be no greater than the following for the listed drop heights. The impactor and procedures shall be as indicated in Section 2408.1.

Drop Height Deflection, inches (mm)
24 (610)
Thickness of adjacent glass + 1/8 (+ 3.2)
36 (914)
Thickness of adjacent glass + 1/4 (+ 6.4)
48 (1219)
Thickness of adjacent glass + 1/2 (+ 12.7)

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