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3104.1 Purpose. The provisions of this division are intended to promote public safety and welfare by reducing the risk of flood damage in areas prone to flooding.

3104.2 Scope. Buildings and structures erected in areas prone to flooding shall be constructed as required by the provisions of this division. The base flood elevation shown on the approved flood hazard map is the minimum elevation used to define areas prone to flooding, unless records indicate a higher elevation is to be used. The flood-prone areas are defined in the jurisdiction's floodplain management ordinance.

3104.3 Definitions. For the purpose of this division, certain terms are defined as follows:

BASE FLOOD ELEVATION is the depth or peak elevation of flooding, including wave height, having 1 percent chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year.

FLOOD HAZARD MAP is a map published by an approved agency, which defines the flood boundaries, elevations and insurance risk zones as determined by a detailed flood insurance study.

HAZARD ZONES are areas which have been determined to be prone to flooding and are classified as either flood hazard zones, A zones, or coastal high-hazard zones, V zones, in accordance with Sections 3107.1 and 3108.1.

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