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3111.1 Purpose. The purpose of this appendix is to establish minimum standards of safety for the construction and use of air-supported, air-inflated and membrane-covered cable or frame structures, collectively known as membrane structures.

3111.2 Scope. The provisions of this appendix shall apply to membrane structures erected for a period of 180 days or longer. Those erected for a shorter period of time shall comply with applicable provisions of the Fire Code.

EXCEPTION: Water storage facilities, water clarifiers, water treatment plants, sewer plants, aquaculture pond covers, residential and agricultural greenhouses and similar facilities not used for human occupancy need meet only the requirements of Section 3112.2 and Section 3115.

3111.3 Definitions. For the purpose of this appendix, certain terms are defined as follows:

AIR-INFLATED STRUCTURE is a building where the shape of the structure is maintained by air pressurization of cells or tubes to form a barrel vault over the usable area. Occupants of such a structure do not occupy the pressurized area used to support the structure.

AIR-SUPPORTED STRUCTURE is a building wherein the shape of the structure is attained by air pressure and occupants of the structure are within the elevated pressure area. Air-supported structures are of two basic types:

1. Single skin-Where there is only the single outer skin and the air pressure is directly against that skin.

2. Double skin-Similar to a single skin, but with an attached liner which is separated from the outer skin and provides an air space which serves for insulation, acoustic, aesthetic or similar purposes.

A cable-restrained air-supported structure is one in which the uplift is resisted by cables or webbing which are anchored to either foundations or deadmen. Reinforcing cable or webbing may be attached by various methods to the membrane or may be an integral part of the membrane. This is not a cable-supported structure.

CABLE STRUCTURE is a nonpressurized structure in which a mast and cable system provide support and tension to the membrane weather barrier and the membrane imparts structural stability to the structure.

FRAME-COVERED STRUCTURE is a nonpressurized building wherein the structure is composed of a rigid framework to support tensioned membrane which provides the weather barrier.

MEMBRANE is a thin, flexible, impervious material capable of being supported by an air pressure of 1.5 inches of water column (373 Pa).

NONCOMBUSTIBLE MEMBRANE STRUCTURE is a membrane structure in which the membrane and all component parts of the structure are noncombustible as defined by Section 215.

TENT is any structure, enclosure or shelter constructed of canvas or pliable material supported by any manner except by air or the contents it protects.

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