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3112.1 General. Membrane structures shall be classified as Type V-N construction, except that noncombustible membrane structures may be classified as Type II-N construction.

EXCEPTION: A noncombustible membrane structure used exclusively as a roof and located more than 25 feet (7620 mm) above any floor, balcony or gallery is deemed to comply with the roof construction requirements for Type I and Type II fire-resistant construction, provided that such a structure complies with the requirements of this section.

3112.2 Membrane Material. Membranes shall be either noncombustible as defined by Section 215, or flame retardant conforming to U.B.C. Standard 31-1, which is a part of this code (see Chapter 35).

EXCEPTION: Plastic less than 20-mil (0.51 mm) thickness used in greenhouses and for aquaculture pond covers need not be flame retardant.

3112.3 Applicability of Other Provisions. Except as specifically otherwise required by this section, membrane structures shall meet all applicable provisions of this code. Roof coverings shall be fire retardant.

EXCEPTION: Roof coverings for Group M, Division 1 Occupancies not exceeding 1,000 square feet (93 ) in area need not be fire retardant.

3112.4 Allowable Floor Areas. The area of a membrane structure shall not exceed the limits set forth in Table 5-B, except as provided in Section 505.

3112.5 Maximum Height. Membrane structures shall not exceed one story nor shall they exceed the height limits in feet (mm) set forth in Table 5-B.

EXCEPTION: Noncombustible membrane structures serving as roof only.

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