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3113.1 General. Air-supported and air-inflated structures shall be provided with primary and auxiliary inflation systems to meet the minimum requirements of this section.

3113.2 Equipment Requirements. The inflation system shall consist of one or more blowers and shall include provisions for automatic control to maintain the required inflation pressures. The system shall be so designed as to prevent overpressurization of the system.

In addition to the primary inflation system, in buildings exceeding 1,500 square feet (193.4 ) in area, there shall be provided an auxiliary inflation system with sufficient capacity to maintain the inflation of the structure in case of primary system failure.

The auxiliary inflation system shall operate automatically if there is a loss of internal pressure or should the primary blower system become inoperative.

Blower equipment shall meet the following requirements:

1. Blowers shall be powered by continuous rated motors at the maximum power required for any flow condition as required by the structural design.

2. Blowers shall be provided with inlet screens, belt guards and other protective devices as may be required by the building official to provide protection from injury.

3. Blowers shall be housed within a weather-protecting structure.

4. Blowers shall be equipped with back draft check dampers to minimize air loss when inoperative.

5. Blower inlets shall be located to provide protection from air contamination. Location of inlets shall be approved by the building official.

3113.3 Emergency Power. Whenever an auxiliary inflation system is required, an approved standby power-generating system shall be provided. The system shall be equipped with a suitable means for automatically starting the generator set upon failure of the normal electrical service and for automatic transfer and operation of all the required electrical functions at full power within 60 seconds of such normal service failure. Standby power shall be capable of operating independently for a minimum of four hours.

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