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No change shall be made in the character of occupancies or use of any building which would place the building in a different division of the same group of occupancy or in a different group of occupancies, unless such building is made to comply with the requirements of this code for such division or group of occupancy.

EXCEPTION: The character of the occupancy of existing buildings may be changed subject to the approval of the building official, and the building may be occupied for purposes in other groups without conforming to all the requirements of this code for those groups, provided the new or proposed use is less hazardous, based on life and fire risk, than the existing use.

No change in the character of occupancy of a building shall be made without a certificate of occupancy, as required in Section 109 of this code. The building official may issue a certificate of occupancy pursuant to the intent of the above exception without certifying that the building complies with all provisions of this code.

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